our work

Dark Vanilla Jungle 

In July 2015 SHITE moved to London to produce Philip Ridley's Dark Vanilla Jungle as part of the International Youth Arts Festival. Aoife Meagher, SHITE's first member from Dublin, gave a stunning performance as Andrea in this incredibly dark and moving monolog. 

The production was shortlisted for IYAF's Best of the Fest Award, an excellent result for the team and a testament to Meagher's talent and commitment to the role. 



Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

It was Shakespeare, but not as you know him. Our beloved Uncle Will was dragged round the bend, hurtled into space, thrown into the fire and resurrected by SHITE. Including such works as "To Bae Or Not To Bae" and "Unsex Me Here", as well as a sprinkling of Improvised Shakespeare, our fabulous writers, actors and directors dazzled us with their talents and sense of humour... all set in a real-life parking lot. 



Play in a Day

We gave our writers ONE DAY to write. We gave our directors and actors ONE DAY to put on their plays. And the result was glorious.

With 'phobia' as their prompt, our writers churned out 4 very different, very bizarre plays. Ranging from a monolog delivered by a spider to a couple dealing with a dispute over a Chinchilla, the scenes all dealt with the ins and outs of fear in sometimes chilling and often hilarious ways.

Ron Weasley also killed Harry Potter. By accident. 


Storytelling Sunday

On February 22nd our SHITE team and a few others gathered together to have a night of storytelling under the stars. We camped at the bottom of the Campenile (Berkeley’s most famous architectural icon) and snuggled up to listen to each other perform music, children’s stories, personal anecdotes and much more.