our team

Sophie Cairns and Josephine Yang are the current SHITEheads in charge of bringing theatre to both sides of the Atlantic this year. Cairns is spear-heading SHITE's establishment in Dublin, Ireland, while Yang is continuing its legacy in Berkeley, California. The teams intend to pursue separate but equally ridiculous projects, and also hope to collaborate to create a unique, cross-cultural theatre experience. 


Sophie Cairns

President of SHITE Ireland


Sophie, Founder and Artistic Director of SHITE, started the company with the view of celebrating the madness of student minds and student drama. After the success of SHITE's American and English debuts, she was confident that SHITE would flourish in Dublin, and indeed it has. Over the past few months she and her committee have produced more work than ever before and are gathering more followers from in an around Trinity College. The group is expanding beyond what Sophie ever hoped and is reaching individuals outside traditional theatre and artistic circles. 


Josephine Yang

President of SHITE USA



Josephine was instrumental to SHITE's establishment and success in Berkeley. This autumn she returned to it with high ambitions and great excitement. She started the season with a gorgeous rooftop spectacle, the aptly named "Rooftop Plays", and brought SHITE back into action with a bang. This spring Josephine hopes to expand SHITE's base through Berkeley to incorporate more diverse artistic talent and discover more creative ways of using California's beautiful spaces and scenery.