Pinteen Sixteen Rising, May 19 2016

We here at SHITE have decided to jump on the commemoration bandwagon, and we'd like you to join us! What better way to celebrate the venerated martyrs to Irish freedom than by coming to Player's Theatre and indulging in a few cans! following the success of Cans and the Canon, SHITE will be presenting scenes from 5 established Irish plays. The twist? One actor in every scene will be pissed! The others will have to carry on as best they can.
Audience members are encouraged to join in the craic with a few drinks of their own (BYOB), and entry is €5. We'd love to have you, your mates, your granny, and even her mates with us, and we might even have an auld sing-song to round the night off! 


Senses: Radio Play Series, March 15 2016

In the charming surroundings of the TCD Print House, we 

deprived the audience of their sight so that they could better see the picture our plays drew. We performed a series of live radio plays, written in the space of a few days by our team. We might have missed out the radio bit... but we had blindfolds! It was a fun, entertaining, and a thoroughly unique experience.



Cans and the Canon, January 28 2016

An evening of extreme merriment and mischief, where we took you on a romp through theatrical scenes that have stood the test of time. In each of these canonical scenes, an actor had imbibed alcoholic beverages aplenty and kept right on acting. Much hilarity ensued, both from the drunken actors themselves and the sober souls who had to support them.

Our audience might have had a can or two as well... 






Potions in the Lavatory, December 16 2015

Remember how a certain book series was so formative to all of our childhoods? And how badly we wanted to be around for the events of those stories? 

On December 16th we introduced our audience to everyone's favourite trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione, hard at work on their Polyjuice potion. This particular performance really brought SHITE home, giving us the opportunity to perform in and around a bathroom. Potions in the Lavatory 

gave audiences a chance to glimpse the world of Harry Potter right on Trinity's grounds, and was a joyful way to send us into the Christmas season. 


The Living Room Plays, November 19 2015

Our comrades over in SHITE USA did a little variety event called The Rooftop Plays - the idea being for writers to write a play staged on a rooftop. In California, performing on said Rooftop was no issue. The stars were out. Romance tinged the warm evening breeze. Nobody froze their their bollocks off. But here in Dublin we know no such thing as good weather. And so we matched their efforts with our own version of a beautiful Californian Rooftop: A LIVING ROOM.

We performed in House 2, Trinity Front Square, on Thursday November 19th with some weird and wonderful scenes inspired by a living room! We plays dealing with everything from a blazed turtle to a couple "making history" in a Dublin nightclub. It was, above all things, highly interesting. 



SHITE's Dublin Walking Tour, November 5 2015

In light of our recent move to Dublin, we wanted to pay homage to the great city that is 

our home for the next few months. We wanted to show you Dublin through the eyes of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, Phil Lynott, Countess Markievicz, and Molly Malone. They all had their different stories to tell, their different versions of what went on here. These shiteheads made Dublin what it is, and before we put our stamp on it, we wanted to make sure they got their word in first.

And so they did. In the words of Cathleen Ni Houlihan, "What's anyone supposed to do with three fucking fields?" 


Heads Full of SHITE, October 22 2015


SHITE Dublin kicked off our first event of the year with Heads Full of SHITE, a night in which we gave 6 speakers the chance to talk about their area of expertise, providing that the knowledge they imparted was completely useless. We had topics ranging from Pro Wrestling to Genghis Khan to people so inbred they were blue. Seriously, they were blue. 

It was gas. It was entertaining. It even turned out to be educational. But most importantly, it was utter SHITE