Welcome to Sophie’s Highly Interesting Theatre Experience or, as it is more commonly referred to, SHITE.

Having just set up in January 2015, we’re in our infancy, sprogs making our way into the vast wilderness of theatre history. With that youthfulness, with those wide and trusting doe eyes, comes a lot of chaos, emotion, drama and of course, shite.

Which is what we’re committed to bringing you! Most companies strive for innovation, for excellence, for cleverness. We strive for things to be “highly interesting”…take that how you will. So whatever show you join us for, whatever experience you find yourself falling into, we guarantee it will be just that: highly interesting.

And, in a bizarre twist, we've become award nominees and have performed on two continents before our first birthday! We started off in Berkeley, California before moving to London for the summer. There we were shortlisted for a Best-of-the-Fest award for a production we staged at the International Youth Arts Festival 2015. Now some of us have moved to Dublin and we have two teams operating in the USA and Ireland, so plenty of shenanigans are taking place on both sides of the ocean. 

Come join us for an adventure. Come join us for fun. Come join us for shite